Link guests with hotel's reception
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Apps for

Guests & Staff!

Link your guests directly with hotel’s reception or staff.

We keep an “eye” to your hotel!

HotelEYE provides the way to directly connect your guests with your staff, their needs with their satisfaction. Your guests will be able to communicate any kind of issue, via the app, directly to the appropriate department, ensuring a quick responce.


Let us help you satisfy your biggest asset, your guest! Remember that a happy guest usually brings a happy review.


Fix it before it is broken! Whenever something is broken or needs some kind of repair, the appropriate department gets directly notified.


You cannot run a hotel successfully if it is not clean! With HotelEYE you will always have the information that you need, regarding the tidiness of each room.

Room Service

Simple but so important for your guests. Give the ability to your guests to order their drinks or food, with the press of a button. Make their stay worth remembering!

Hotel Information

Provide all the necessary information, regarding the hotel’s facilities, nearby sightseeing’s and excursions. In addition, using the feedback form, guests have the ability to review your hotel and their general experience!

Interactive, Innovative, Irresistible!

Why HotelEYE?

CLOUD SOLUTION - Available from anywhere!0%
ROOM STATUS - Old fashioned door hangers? No more! Reception knows the status of each room, if someone is IN/OUT or in DND mode!0%
HOUSEKEEPING CHECK LISTS - Forget all the paperwork. Housekeepers can inform the reception for the jobs completed in each room, just with the push of a button.0%
SUPER RICH FEATURES! HotelEYE is loaded with features (Concierge, Maintenance, UpSales, and so on...).0%

Different plans for different needs at any period!

We do provide different plans/pricing and features, based on your needs and period. Feel free to discuss with us any of your concerns. We do promise to find the best possible solution for your hotel!

Downloads and counting …

We are already counting more than 2200+ downloads without any issue whatsoever. Thank you all for your ideas and feedback.

Cloud Solution

HotelEYE can be easily used through a cloud installation. This solution minimizes infrastructure, hence cost, and is available from anywhere!


Let your customers inform you about the quality of their stay, through a super user-friendly questionnaire in the app.

Room Status

Forget those old fashioned door hangers. By a simple press of a button the reception is aware of the status of the room, i.e. the guest is in room, out of room, or has selected not to be disturbed (DND).