Link guests with hotel's reception
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What is HotelEYE?

HotelEYE Platform is a set of apps, cloud based, that provide the way to directly connect your guests with your staff, their needs with their satisfaction.

Is HotelEYE only for hotels?

HotelEYE is a great solution for 3-5 star hotels, but is also suitable for airbnb and luxury residences.

Do guests have to download an app?

Not necessarily. There is an option to have devices already installed in each room. Otherwise, guests can download the app and get real-time updates on their requests.

What devices can I use?

HotelEYE works on Android version 4.2 and Apple iOS version 9 or higher, smartphones or tablets. If you face any kind of issue, please do let us know.

Does HotelEYE integrate with any PMS?

HotelEYE Platform can integrate directly with any Property Management System. However since there is a variety of PMS Systems out there, please do contact us in order to provide the best possible solution.

Is there a demo available?

You can download HotelEYE Guest from Play Store and use the below credentials in order to access our demo. Hotel Code: demo, Username: demo, Room No: 100.

In addition, you can download HotelEYE Staff to your tablet and access the demo using the below credentials. Hotel Code: demo, Username: staff, Password: 100.

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